travel to Morocco

Travel to Morocco


Official language(s)

Arabic, berber





Did you know?

The moroccan ground is inhabited by humans since 700 000 years.

About Morocco

Located in northwest Africa, Morocco is undoubtedly a mysterious country, full of hidden treasures. Morocco is not only cities with spicy perfumes, but also a country with a diverse nature, from deserts to oasis, from sea to mountains. The Berber culture is very firmly anchored in various regions. Let yourself be brought by the choirs of calls to prayer, the spicy perfumes in markets and the kindness of the people you will find on your way. From the rif to the desert through the coast, you will discover a country with ever-changing landscapes, as well as a very welcoming population.

ourika valley

The essentials


Casablanca, the country’s economic capital, offers a fascinating architecture: some buildings, designed following traditional Arabic methods, are standing alongside more modern buildings. In the 20th century, this city was host of many young parisian architects who wanted to test their knowledge. There is also the famous Hassan II Mosque, the most important in Morocco and open to visitors.



The blue town ( Chefchaouen ), on the Rif coast, will marvel your sight by its colors and numerous mosques calling to prayer in an enchanting choir. This mountainous region will also please hikers and landscape lovers.



Essaouira is a small but wonderful fishing town, mainly recognized for its beautiful medina (old town), a UNESCO heritage. Close to Marrakech and Agadir and directly on the Atlantic coast, the city is known for its constantly sunny weather. Essaouira’s charm is partly due to its magnificent history, including the Portuguese and the Berbers who have animated the area in the past.


Rose Valley

As its name mentions, this lovely rose valley hosts thousands of roses, which are traditionally used for the production of rose water, symbol of good luck and prosperity.



Admire the ancient Roman city of Volubilis, located near Meknès and Moulay Idriss, the most well-preserved Roman city in North Africa!


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