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Eco Desert Morocco was created by a university graduate and his brothers. These brothers all have experience in tourism services.

Eco Desert Morocco organizes trips and excursions around Morocco, from the north to the south, for solo travelers, couples, families and small groups. The means of transport are 4×4 or minibuses based on your location and preference. A professional tour guide will pick you up from any city in the country and take you on adventure where you will be immersed in our eco-nomadic lifestyle for few days or weeks.

Words from our Founder: “We come from a Berber (IMAZIGHEN) family from the dunes of Erg Chebbi Merzouga. Together, my brothers and I decided to create a new style of tourism that appropriately respects our fragile desert landscapes. We are introducing adventures that reflect the characteristics of sustainable and earth-friendly tourism. Therefore, our main goal is to try to minimize the negative impact of tourism on our natural and cultural resources, while enjoying the beautiful features of our country.”

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Otman Taghlaoui

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We have other tour collection to choose from here, we provide also multiple day trips that definitely will suit your needs, if not so you can contact us to customize your own trip

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